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Our Mission

The mission of Manchester Moves is to connect all people in Manchester to all of New Hampshire via trails and greenways.  

Our Goals

  • Reduce poverty:   Automobiles are expensive and they are depreciating assets.   People living in communities that are car dependent are more likely to be poor because a larger percentage of their income is spent on a depreciating asset versus an appreciating home.  By creating an interconnected city-wide and state-wide trail system, people are no longer forced to choose depreciating assets only.   

  • Mobility:  An interconnected trail system provides transportation opportunities for segments of the population that have limited access to an automobile.  Providing an interconnected trail system as an alternative to the automobile will increase the number of citizens who can access jobs, education, and goods and services within Greater Manchester.   

  • Health:  The health benefits of regular and moderate exercise have been well documented.  Walking most days of the week, 30-minutes a day, can prevent heart disease, control body weight, reduce blood pressure, control diabetes, improve one’s mental health, and reduce the risks of stroke and osteoporosis.  Destination biking, walking and recreation trails provide ways to incorporate activity into everyday life for adults and children, reduce isolation and build personal connections.   

  • Recreation:  An interconnected trail system will provide the opportunity for significant forms of recreation such as walking, biking, and running.

  • Promote economic growth:   The Merrimack River is an underused asset in our city.   An interconnected trail system will bring tourists who’ll patronize businesses.   A healthy, vibrant community will help attract and retain the best talent to further drive our thriving knowledge economy.   


Board of Directors

Jeremy Hitchcock

Dean Williams
President- Emeritus

Liz Hitchcock
Vice President

Gray Chynoweth, JD

Jason Soukup, MBA

Court Klein, CPA

Elizabeth Soukup, MD
Community Health Director

Garrett Mclarty, RN
Activity Center

Kyle Winters, Ph.D.

Tom Christensen
NH Rail Trail Coalition

Tom Mattson
Manchester Parks and Recreation

Capt. Christopher Buchanan
Fire Officer, Bicycle/Pedestrian Safety

Peter Noonan
Artistic Design

Molly Lunn-Owen
Manchester Planning Board

Katrina Mclarty
Community Outreach

Tammy Zamoyski
Staff, Urban Planning

Help us pursue our mission

Manchester Moves is a 501(c)(3) organization

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848 Elm Street, Manchester, NH 03101
(617) 276-7209