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Manchester’s Rail Trails

By the Numbers

38% Complete

More than 8-miles of off-road protected, multi-use paths are now designated as Manchester's Rail Trails.

2.7 New Miles in 2020

The City of Manchester expanded the Rockingham Trail by 2.7 miles further completing the network of trails in Manchester.

Trail Completion by Segment

Piscataquog Trail
Rockingham Trail
South Manchester Rail Trail
Heritage Trail

Piscataquog Trail

Total Manchester miles: 2.2
Completed miles: 2.2


This trail connects the downtown of Manchester to the Goffstown Rail Trail and points west.  The trail intersects the Heritage Trail at the nearby Fisher Cats Stadium. This fully constructed trail spans the Merrimack River via the “Hands Across the Merrimack Pedestrian Bridge” and the Piscataquog River via the “Bernice and Irvine Singer Pedestrian Bridge”. 

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Rockingham Rail Trail in Manchester, New Hampshire

Rockingham Recreational Rail Trail

Total Manchester miles: 4.3
Completed miles: 2.7

63% completed

This trail points east and when completed will allow pedestrians to travel from downtown Manchester to Newmarket, NH. An investment of $1.2M in late 2020 moved the trail 2.7 miles closer to downtown Manchester. The project installed signalized crossings on Mammoth Rd, the I-93 Exit 6 and 7 ramps, and Candia Road. The project stabilized the trail through existing wetland areas and added a new gravel surface.

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South Manchester Rail Trail

Total Manchester miles: 4.67
Completed miles: 1.1

24% Completed

Located generally parallel to South Willow Street this trail connects the downtown to the airport and will soon connect to the Londonderry Trails. This trail is currently paved from South Beech Street to Gold Street and has narrow unimproved paths to the north and south. 

Upcoming improvements: 

2022/2023:  At the current southerly terminus at Gold Street, in the vicinity of Walmart, to Perimeter Road along the neighborhoods of Frontage Road and Keller Street.  The project includes the rehabilitation of the existing railroad trestle bridge over the Cohas Brook and repair of a granite box railroad culvert that has partially collapsed.  This project will follow the replacement of the Goffs Fall Road bridge and includes a pedestrian connection to the roadway.   Estimated project cost: $1.5M.   

2024/2025:  A final section of the SMRT will be constructed from Perimeter Road to the Londonderry town line.  A 10-foot wide multi-use path along the side of Perimeter Road, South Willow Street, and Harvey Road will connect to the Londonderry Trail system in close proximity to the Aviation Museum of New Hampshire. Estimated project cost: $1M.   

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Hooksett Footbridge

Heritage Trail

Total Manchester miles 12.4
Completed miles 2.1

17% Completed

The Heritage Trail anchors this system to the downtown riverwalk and is the north-south trail adjacent the Merrimack River from Bedford through the city connecting north to Hooksett and ultimately Concord. The trail has been built out from Sundial Avenue to the Fisher Cats Stadium as well as along the river in the vicinity of Arms Park. Completion of this north-south corridor is dependent on sharing the transportation corridor with the periodic freight train running through the city. This rail with trail program would be designed and constructed by NHDOT to conform with standards applied to the over 400 rail with trail programs in the United States. Engineering consultant Vanasse Hangen Brustlin (VHB) has completed an engineering study and the preliminary design. Estimated project cost: $10M.

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A Walk in the Woods

A Walk in the Woods – at Stark Park


Have you ever wondered what is beyond the Stark Family Gravesite, as the paved trails head down to the Meadow and woods? Maybe you have seen folks coming from this area and wondered “Where have they been?” These western lower 15 acres of Stark Park have been turned into a wonderful place for you to enjoy.

This trail connects to the Heritage Trail network, building upon and expanding what is already in place.

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